Thursday, June 10, 2010


Currently there is a seemingly endless list of things I want to create.

At the moment they are as follows:
  • Knitted Scarf
  • Matching knitted hat
  • Use Lilypad to knit an "intelligent" wearable
  • Write android apps
  • Develop a candle powered sterling engine that will power rechargeable AA and/or AAA batteries
  • Aeroponics system that is completely automated (Arduino project) and indoors to grow vegetables
Unfortunately most of these projects have no deadline. I've gotten started on all of them (except the hat and Lilypad projects) but not very far. I need to prioritize.

The knitted scarf is the most near completion at an amazing 2 feet of length. I estimate it may take another two weeks to complete, as I am just working on it during my spare movie-watching time.

Next is the matching hat, and next the Lilypad project. I've been inspired by Leah Buechley and her work over at MIT. Makes me wish I had chosen to go there.

As for the android programming, I'm hoping to sprinkle it throughout the rest of the projects, although without any real commitment, I fear not much will be accomplished. The key to being successful in the android or iphone app market is to come up with some novel idea for a tool that no one ever knew they needed. However with over 42,000 apps currently available for android alone, the odds of coming up with something brilliant and new are quickly fading into the distance. The only other method for success is to take an unoriginal idea and do it better than anyone currently on the market. As I am new to programming for android, apps in general, and not to handy with Java yet, I don't see that happening anytime soon either. This mild pessimism may pass, but it is unlikely to unless I actually man up and buy an android phone. With a part-time job though, that's not likely to happen anytime soon.

Ah, the sterling engine. What an elegant device! If you're actually interested, you should read about it here. I have given up hope for at least the short run considering I don't have any good pistons that are air-tight and have low friction.

Finally, the aeroponics system. I have been wanting to grow vegetables in my room. This both cuts down on the money spent on fresh food, and adds a nice green living feeling. It is actually feasible, and I've done plenty of research, mostly on forums where everyone's picture is of a pot leaf.

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