Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aeroponics Progress

My aeroponics supplies have arrived! A bottle of Ph Up and Ph Down, twenty 3" net pots, four 5" net pots, and two 10 lb bags of expanded clay pellets. In excitement I cut all the holes in the top of the water reservoir. First I had to use a silver sharpie to trace out all the circles.

Finally after meticulous measuring to maintain a grid-like appearance, I finished outlining all the circles.

Now armed with a drill and pair of tin snips, I cut out each and every hole. Unfortunately this process did make quite a mess. I need to invest in some bigger hole saws!

The net pots fit in beautifully and the brown of the pellets goes really well. My sister says they look like cocoa puffs.

Next step is to rinse off the dust on the pellets and rig the pump system for inside the base.

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