Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finished Knit Hat and Scarf

So, I have finished my school themed apparel! The scarf has a length of about 5 feet. I have discovered if you like to wear scarves by folding them in half, wrapping them around your neck, and tucking the ends through the fold, then 5 feet isn't going to cut it. Luckily for me though, I don't wear it like that. The ratio for the stripes was 20 rows of black (for the end), 4 rows of white, 10 rows of yellow, 4 rows of white and then black until you're ready for the next stripe. I made the scarf a little wide at 42 stitches (a more perfect random choice could not be found). If done again I would made it a little narrower, perhaps around 30 stitches, and maybe a foot or two longer. It should actually even out to be about the same amount of work.

The pattern for the hat I found on Make's Instructables here. When I made it I felt I was stitching the middle section for way too long, so instead of waiting to stitch 7 1/2", I only made it to about 6" before I started decreasing. This was a mistake because now it only reaches halfway down my ears! It's still warm, comfy and cute, so I'm satisfied with my first attempt.

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