Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Day Knitting - 2 Size Balls

I was looking for a fun, relatively easy knitting project that could be completed in a few hours. I found the perfect pattern here. Instead of using different colored yarn to make wedges of color, I used self-striping yarn. On the larger ball (about 5 or 6" diameter) it made a spiraling pattern. On the small ball (about 3 or 4" diameter) it made a consistent striped pattern that went over halfway down the ball and is symmetric around the knitting needle axis.

This pattern is really nice because there is no purling! Just simple knitting which is mostly mindless. A word of advice - before casting off, knit a very loose row. If you don't do this, then when you cast off it will make a tight, inelastic row. As you stuff the ball, it will appear to have an indent, or what I lovingly mentally label as a yarn butt-crack.

The smaller ball I made into a cat toy by putting some catnip in along with the stuffing. I couldn't find any velcro or I would have made it refillable. Within five minutes the cats were on it. Don't expect the stitches to stay tight; there are already several loose ones. It has been a day and it has held up so far. Next time I'd like to add a bell inside or some crumpled paper so the ball will make some noise when tossed down the hall.

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