Saturday, August 14, 2010

Packaging Tape Sculpture (top)

Alright, finished the torso! Did a full three layers around the chest and only did two layers around the arms. Make sure to do two layers, because only one layer will crinkle.

Alright next was the challenging step of combining the bottom and top parts. I learned that even though the torso was triple-layer, the hips should have been triple-layered too because the hip section didn't support the torso very well. Anyway I put a lovely smiley balloon for a head instead of casting a person's head for fear of suffocation risks.

I also added a nice treat with two strings of yellow Christmas lights. Putting them inside before taping them up definitely a good idea though! Anyway below are some pictures. The first is with a flash, and the second is without a flash so you can see how bright it looks.

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