Friday, August 13, 2010

Packaging Tape Sculpture

So after seeing the work of Mark Jenkins and the likes, I decided to make my very own packaging tape sculpture. The ultimate plan is to make people - or maybe birds - and light them from the inside and then place them up in trees in a public place. During the day they would seem like ghosts climbing trees. At night they'd become glow-people. Perhaps I could buy some of the $3 solar garden lights and use those so there wouldn't be any pesky extension cords for people walking by to unplug.

Anyway onto what I've done so far. My sister has sportingly agreed to be my mold. I have only done half of her at a time to allow the skin to breathe properly. Even so, it is important to be quick and not to cut off circulation.

First, cover the model in saran wrap. This was my first time so I only did one layer. If using a doll or some other inanimate object that might be fine, but with a person it's probably a good idea to use two layers. Make sure to keep it loose or it will be difficult to get off!

The next step is to cover the saran wrap with clear packaging tape. It was very hard not to miss anywhere, so I put on two layers. This was fine for the ankle and calf area, but around the thighs it might have been a good idea to use three or four layers for extra structural support.

Once all taped up, it's time to carefully cut it off.

After it's cut, carefully have your model step out. What is left is a hollow structure. Do not fear if it looks misshapen.

Now start at the toes or other small ends and use short strips of tape to carefully line up the edges where it was cut earlier. Taping up the edges will add a lot of structural support. I taped up a little past the hips so that when I do the torso later I will have some overlap where it combines. Below are some shots of the finished bottom half.

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  1. Thanks Laura Vogellar for your great invention of Packaging Tape Sculpture by using packaging Tape and hanging these sculpture hanging on the tree for fearing people....

    Thanks for your creativity thoughts........