Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finished Star Wars Battle Droid Stencil

Star Wars Battle Droid Stencil Art

I used some ziplock bags with dry rice in them to use as weights. Alternatively you could use sand or dirt to fill the bags. Even though there wasn't much wind, just the occasional breeze was enough to disturb the stencil.

The white layer turned out pretty well. It did take a lot longer to dry than I had anticipated, probably because it was done in the shade and not in the sun. I just left it alone for about an hour until I came back to do the next layer.

Alignment of the second layer took a lot of time to get just right. Especially the smaller pieces which required a substantial use of double-sided tape to get to stay in the right places. In the end though I was very satisfied with the results.

Things to change for the future when using shower curtain stencils:

Make sure to store them in a rolled position even though they were initially folded when bought. The creases make thin sections impossible to lay flat. Also pick designs that have more connected spaces. Sections of curtain that extend like peninsulas don't stay in place very well at all.

Still overall it's a phenomenal success!

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