Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making A Star Wars Droid Stencil

I designed this droid stencil to have two layers, a bottom white layer and a top black layer. The composite should look something like the image above. I made this stencil out of a shower curtain that I had planned to use with the aeroponics system, but it had gotten replaced by roll down windows blinds instead.

After using some software to poster print the design, I taped together the pages and laid them on top of the flat shower curtain. Using a sharp exacto knife, I cut through the paper and the curtain along the outline.

 Once all the scrap paper and curtain was removed, I was left with a stencil like the picture below. Note that in each leg there is a branch that connects to the white section between the legs. The two branches will not show up in the final design because they are in sections that will be completely covered with black.

The black layer contained all the details and was more complicated. The pictures of the black layer are below.

Tomorrow I'm going to try stenciling it outside with some homemade spray chalk.

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