Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Knit Plarn Grocery/Tote Bag

After a few weeks of collecting bags and knitting, I've finally finished my plarn bag. This bag doubles in green potential - it upcycles grocery bags and replaces them in the future! It's much more durable and strong than regular grocery bags, and the wide handles won't cut into your hands like the cheap plastic ones can.

The pattern I used can be found here. It's an excellent and straightforward writeup for the beginning knitter. I mostly used Walmart and Kroger bags since they're both blue and white. I did use some of the white parts of Target bags. The Target bags were harder to knit due to some higher friction coating, but were a shinier brighter white.


  1. I tried to access the pattern for this bag and i couldn't find it. Is there any other wsy i i wod be able to get a copy of thid pattern please?

    1. Hi Beth, I went looking for this pattern, too. I found the original blog post and posted a request for an active link. I'll share if I hear back. In the meantime:


    Google 1Bag
    That is what she called it