Monday, September 6, 2010

Aeroponics Light Shield/Reflector

Turns out the advice about sprouting lettuce in the fridge was true. I left the seeds in damp paper towels inside a ziplock bag in the fridge and a couple days later almost all of them were sprouted. My fridge stays between 40 and 45 degrees. Above you can see the little lettuce sprouts.

Today's project was putting up reflective lining/light blocking material. The Mylar came in a big roll. It is very shiny but not very stiff. So, I attached it to a shower curtain for support and additional light blockage.

The shower curtain was stapled together to keep it water proof and in place.

To attach to the frame of shelves, I used some small zipties and the occasional binder clip.

The light meter I have indicated that this lighting produces 72,000 foot-candle hours which translates to just over twice the minimum requirement to be considered "full sun." I don't think having this much light is a bad thing, as the plants seem to be doing just fine. It is easy to dry out plants though if they aren't watered properly.

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