Thursday, September 30, 2010

Roll-up Blinds

Previously I used a shower curtain with reflective coating attached to block and reflect light from the aeroponics unit. Unfortunately that meant it was a real pain to access the plants even though I could lift up the curtain from the lower right and clip it to the top of the shelves. Now I have invested in two roll-up window blinds.

Both blinds needed to be trimmed to size. The curtain itself could be cut with scissors. The hollow steel rod could be cut with a handsaw or band saw. I took about 10" off each curtain, one originally 53" and the other originally 24".

A roll-up blind on the front and on one side provide more than adequate access to the plants, lights, and electronics. The remaining two sides were covered with a permanently mounted shower curtain with reflective film. About four inches of overlap around the corners helps keep the light in.

Now I have perfect access to the growing plants! I apologize for the unfocused pictures, my camera has started acting very strangely. I'll try to get it fixed before I work on more projects.

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