Monday, September 20, 2010

Plant Growth Update

The plants are doing very well!
The lettuce is getting pretty sizable; perhaps time to try a leaf or two. (day 14)

The peas also have shown significant growth. I will need to get working very soon on a support system for them since I don't want them sprawled all over the place making it impossible to lift out the net pots if need be.

The broccoli and other plants look pretty healthy. However I did find some slight damage on one of the broccoli leaves. I didn't think there would be any pests in my room. Perhaps it is light damage from getting too close to the bulbs early on? Somehow I doubt it, but the alternative is less pleasant.

The roots are really starting to develop. The onions and carrots are both doing well, but surprisingly they don't have any visible root growth outside the net pots. The lettuce has some small roots (day 14).

The broccoli has even smaller roots, but on the other hand it is growing out of a much larger net pot (day 20).

The pea roots were super impressive! (day 7)

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