Monday, September 13, 2010

Plants taking shape

Now just two weeks after transplanting the first seeds over to the aeroponics system, the plants are becoming recognizable. All except the peas of course, which were just planted two days ago. The very first leaves are starting to show up though.

The lettuce looks the best. Seven little lettuce plants that I can clearly recognize by the distinctive leaf shape and pattern.

Not being too familiar with the way cauliflower and broccoli grow, it doesn't look that recognizable to me. The cauliflower below looks quite similar to the broccoli (2nd picture down). All those plants seem to be pretty healthy though, so that's good.

Finally the two carrots are doing pretty well. Hopefully more little leaves will sprout making it look even more like the familiar carrot plant.

Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the single onion plant. Not a big deal though, as it is just one green shoot. There are no leaves and the tip is whitish. I suppose that is typical for the onion family, but it would be nice if some more leaves would show signs of budding. Tonight I will break out the meters and see if the plants are getting enough vitamins to make them big and strong, or if I'm just feeding them water.

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