Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Baby Plants!

Another baby broccoli plant has sprouted! I'm not sure if I'll leave them together or move it so that there's only one plant per container.

In addition, some cauliflower plants have sprouted too! They look very similar to the broccoli sprouts, which I guess makes sense. A little internet research showed that lettuce plants don't germinate in warm weather. It was suggested to put them in ziplock bags in the fridge. I'll try that next to see if I can get some baby lettuce sprouts too.

Since I've been hand watering the current seeds, I use a tube to siphon water/nutrients from the container into a half-gallon jug to pour over the net pots. I weighted the bottom of the tube so that it stays at the bottom of the container. Using suction to get the water flowing means that now i just have to put the end of the tubing in my jug and lower below the water line in the grow container. Lifting the end of the tubing above the water level stops the flow.

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